---Why RU Recovery

RU is a faith-based, Christian Addiction Recovery Program designed to rescue, recover, and restore those in addictive behaviors with the power of the victorious hidden life found only in Jesus Christ. There really is NO LIMIT to what He can do!

RU began as a Bible Study at North Love Baptist Church in April, 1996, with just one student. That person left after one week, and the next four weeks were spent teaching the spouses of the teachers. After those weeks, four new people began to attend. These four attended for the next two years. Their addictions became the foundation that the ministry would build on: food addiction, crack cocaine, alcohol, and pornography. Four different people, four crippling addictions, yet only one need: Jesus Christ! Through the course of this little Friday night class, individuals began to grow as the Truth began to make people free.

In 2000, this Friday night program, complete with curriculum, began to be implemented into other communities across the country. Today, over 1,000 chapters of RU have been planted across the globe!


---Unlimited Help
  • Weekly meetings
  • Life-changing curriculum
  • Caring staff and volunteers
  • Nursery, child and teen programs
  • Motivational awards
RU has helped thousands of people with addictions of all kinds – alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, bulimia, anorexia, cutting, pornography, gambling, marijuana, anger, bitterness, depression, fear and more. Whatever the problem is…there is hope!
---Unlimited Hope
“I have been through several drug and alcohol programs and this has been the best by far. It brought Jesus and the Holy Spirit into my life and I have faith that I will remain clean and sober this time.”
“I’ve only been in RU for a short period of time and already referring to Psalm 1 has helped me from relapsing and returning to the way I once was.”
“I am really glad that I came to RU because I believe it saved my life. I was depressed but coming to RU helped bring me out of the darkness and into God’s light.”

“RU has changed my life. My husband started attending RU and I noticed a huge change in his life. I was curious about the program and attended a meeting with him. It’s amazing how God has been working in our lives. I’m so thankful for this program.”

---Unlimited Healing
Steve Curington grew up in a good home but was addicted to cocaine and alcohol only two years after high school graduation. Addiction stripped him of all self-esteem and a prosperous career, crippled him with debt, and left him with no hope. He went to every secular program he could find, read all the self-help books he was given, but the addiction held him in bondage.
After a serious car accident, Steve went back to the local church that he attended as a child. It was then that local church learned how to help him find recovery and freedom from the snares that held him so tightly.    

Through faith-based recovery, Steve’s life was completely changed. A miracle happened when Steve turned his testimony into an incredible ministry called RU that is reaching thousands worldwide. This ministry offers help, hope and healing for the addicted and their family members too.