What we believe about Addiction and the Faith-Based Recovery Approach to Addiction.

There are well over 25 million addicts in America. Every addict significantly impacts the lives of at least four people, which means that well over 100 million people in our society are impacted by the devastating results of addiction and are in search of hope and healing. Here at RU Recovery Program we are ready to minister to the addicted and their families.

Addiction is…

  • by one definition is “to cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on a habit-forming substance.”
  • by another definition is “to occupy oneself or involve oneself in something habitually or compulsively.”
  • an unnatural obsession with anything other than God.
  • any appetite on a binge.
  • anything you continue to do knowing it is harmful for you.
  • a disorder caused by sin.
  • anything that brings you into spiritual bondage.
  • being under the rule of anything other than the Holy Spirit.
  • anything to which I run to meet my needs apart from God.
  • is any coping mechanism I use to deal with disappointments.
  • is any sin, because all sin is addictive.