Our goal at RU is to help addicts conquer their addictions. We have an experienced staff that offers strong support to the addicted and their families.


We have helped hundreds of people in their fight against substance abuse, alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, cigarettes, anger, and many others.


The RU Program is here to encourage, help and strengthen every individual and family as it battles the devastating effects of addiction.

What To Expect

The Friday class is an integral part of the RU Recovery Program. The format is divided into three segments. We call it “Talk, talk, talk”.

Kidz Club

Kidz Club can best be described as VBS every Friday night. A program filled with exciting activities, challenges, competition, and fun!

What We Believe

Over 400 studies have been conducted on the role of faith in addiction recovery and these studies have found a success rate of 40%-60% in most faith-based programs.